Requipment Of Raw Materials For Brick Making Machine

Jun 01, 2021

Requipment Of Raw Materials For Brick Making Machine

materials for brick making machine

(1) Coarse sand (International)

Main properties: fineness modulus 31-37

Volume proportion 1400-1550/m3

Mud content≤3%

(2) Peas (Gravel) National Standard

Main properties: specifications 5-10mm

Physical weight: 1400—1800/ m3

Mud content≤3%

(3) Fine sand (stone powder) international

Mud content ≤5%

(4) Cement: Portland cement in line with national standards GB1344-95, 325, 425

(5) Fly ash: should meet the JC409-91 "Fly Ash for Silicate Building Products" standard

(6) Five basic requirements for concrete mix design:

1. Ensure the required strength;

2. The mixture has good workability;

3. Good resistance, with certain abrasion resistance, acid resistance, weathering resistance, frost resistance and other properties;

4. On the premise of ensuring quality, try to save cement as much as possible;

5. When using lightweight materials to produce non-load-bearing blocks, block making machine is necessary to meet the requirements of block production according to the corresponding material standards and corresponding light aggregate formulas. The cubic capacity can be produced according to the strength and physical properties required by the building design.

block making machines

machine for making blocks

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