Simple Palletizing System For Bricks

Jun 02, 2021

Automatic Palletizing System

Automatic Palletizing System

XD-MD1200 automatic brick palletizing machine can automatically palletize cement bricks. The whole process adopts automatic mechanical palletizing and packaging, which replaces manual palletizing with high production efficiency, saving money and labor.It is suitable for one pallet cured bricks after the combination is close to a square or the two pallets are merged close to a square no need to separate the bricks.The equipment includes pallet feeder,rise,pusher,gantry stacker,heavy-duty chain conveyor,electirc control system,and hydraulic system.

Automatic Palletizing System

Automatic block Palletizing System

The whole system adopts PlC+touch screen control,cooperates with laser induction+intelligent sensor to realize unmanned automatic operation,automatically stops alarm and displays the fault position,when out of order.It can be easily eliminated without professional technicians.With remote control system+cloud data equipment manufactures can solve all problems at the office all the time.The operation of the equipment is controlled by electricity,air and hydraulic respectively.They don't interfere with each other and act coherently.It can be palletizing in about16s,and about 2000pallets per day. Matching forklift holding clips can realize pallet-free transfer and loading.

Automatic brick Palletizing System

Technical parameter

Entire area:19*6m

Total weight:9000kg

Operation mode: two-way clamping,walking left and right,the main clamp automatically rotates90°

Clamp size:according to the size of the equipment bricks

Chunk stroke:1500mm

Maximum clamping weight:500kg

Minimum clamping brick height:>50mm

Maximum stacking height:<1400mm

Operating cycle:15-18sec/layer

Total power:29kw

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