Core Competence

*Building partitions thermal insulation wall panels;

*High automatic program ,High production efficiency,High quality

*Fire prevention and fire resistant;

*Extend life, Zero formaldehyde,Low cost ,Increase area;

* Energy-saving and material-saving ,Fast installation ;

Features:The most cost-effective, light weight, long life,High Cost-effective, heat insulation, waterproof, sound insulation solid board, energy saving and environmental protection, strongest competitiveness, best product quality, energy saving and environmenta protection, ire prevention, arbitrary cutting, strong nail holding force, stel structure Earthquake-resistant energy-saving integrated house green and environmental protection, all use green building materials.

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Production Process Flow Diagram

、1.Assemble the mould

2.Put the steel bar

3.Send the mould cart

4.Burdening. Foaming. Mixing

5.Pouring into mould

6.Move away to wait 

7.Automatic demoulding, packing into storage for curing

8.After the curing period expires, inspect the products and the products can be send out from storage when they are qualified 

 Raw Material

(only used 2-4 kinds below)

Ordinary Portland Cement

Fly Ash


Construction Recycling Material

Polystyrene particles

River sand


The whole set of equipment adopts Siemens PLC control system

1. Siemens PLC adopts modern large-scale integrated circuit technology and strict production technology. 

The internal circuit adopts advanced anti-interference technology with high reliability. 

Using Siemens PLC to form the control system, compared with the relay contactor system of the same scale,

 the electrical wiring and switch contacts have been reduced to hundreds or even one-thousandths, and the failures are greatly reduced.

2. Siemens PLC has a hardware failure self-detection function, which can send out alarm information in time when a failure occurs.

3. Siemens PLC is fully equipped with complete functions, strong applicability, and easy to learn and use. Small size, light weight and low energy consumption.

4. The design and construction of Siemens PLC system has small workload, convenient maintenance and easy modification. 

Siemens PLC uses storage logic instead of wiring logic, which greatly reduces the external wiring of the control equipment, 

greatly shortens the design and construction cycle of the control system, and maintains at the same time It also becomes easier.

Adopt the twin-shaft mixer of Italian brand SICOMA

Equipped with multiple shaft end sealing protection devices and wind pressure sealing protection devices, effectively preventing slurry leakage

The unique mixer monitoring system can monitor the working status of the gearbox, unloading pump and electric lubricating oil pump at any time

Equipped with DC24v concrete mixing special centralized lubricating oil pump,

 can be programmed independently at running time , waterproof, dust proof, excellent performance

Multi - pipe and multi - channel water spray system, water can be sprayed evenly

The whole machine is designed with heavy model, stable operation

Equipped with enhanced gearbox, strong load capacity, using military materials, with high precision processing, longer service life

Optional gearbox filter cooling system, oil-free water-cooled shaft end sealing system, camera system, 

high pressure cleaning system, weighing protection system, microwave moisture measurement system

Vertical cement composite partition wall panel equipment production line: mobile mould car

That is, during the production process, the vertical mould cart moves, and other systems such as mixer are fixed;

This mode is distinguished by function. 

The cement composite partition wall panel production line of our company can also be divided into a sandwich composite vertical partition wall panel production line 

and a multifunctional vertical composite partition wall panel production line;

Mobile production mode: Because the mould cart needs to move,the mould cart that we design ,

generally each cart can produce 42 pieces of wall panel that model is 90 at a time, and the product size is 2400*610*90 (100, 120, 150, 180) and etc.;

Before pouring each mould would be fixed with aluminum alloy mould (with male and female groove design)

Other details


Quanzhou Xiangda Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise for concrete block making, owning R&D, 

manufacturing,sale and after-sale service.Xiangda Corporation is established in the beginning of 1990s,

which is located in Quanzhou City, near to Xiamen Port, china. During over20 years, 

we have been developing fast and getting more and more powerful with continous tech innovation and China patents.

Our main products as flws:concrete block machine. Composite insulation wall panel machine, Permeable brick production line,

Automatic palletizing system, paving block and curbstone machine, mixer batching plant and other construction machinery.

*We strictly obey the latest standard in block making industry.

*We have passed QM ISO9001:2000 and CE. Our products are popular for its stable quality and high tech. 

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