Principle And Composition Of Fixed Concrete Mixing Plant

May 24, 2021

Fixed concrete mixing plant is a device that mixes various raw materials that make up concrete in a certain proportion, and then mixes and stirs according to a certain process, and finally produces concrete with certain properties.

Although the fixed concrete mixing plant produced by various manufacturers have various specific forms, their basic forms and composition structures are similar. Nowadays, popular concrete mixing stations are basically based on computers as the core of control, controlling various materials automatic batching, automatic lifting, mixing and discharging, and some have auxiliary functions such as data statistics and report printing.

In terms of function, various fixed concrete mixing plant generally consist of the following parts:

1. Storage bin: store sand, stone, cement, water and other materials, and supply materials to the batching mechanism;

2. Batching mechanism: measure sand and gravel and other materials according to a certain proportion, mainly composed of various scales, and also use volumetric flow measurement equipment, etc.;

3. Lifting mechanism: mainly used to lift sand and gravel aggregates;

4. Mixer: Mix all kinds of raw materials, and finally form concrete;

5. Control system: control the coordinated work of all parts and complete certain production processes.

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